Tips for publishing your ad

Welcome to our page dedicated to helping you put your products online for effective sales! Follow these simple steps and tips to make your online selling experience as smooth and successful as possible.

Step 1: Preparing Your Product

Before putting your product online, make sure it is in good condition and clean. If it's a second-hand item, a small repair or cleaning can increase its perceived value. Also take the time to collect all the accessories that come with it

Step 2: Product Photography

Photos are essential to attracting buyers. Take clear, well-lit photos of your product from different angles. Use a neutral background to focus attention on the article. If possible, also include photos showing the product in use to give a better idea of ​​its size and operation.

For Easy Baby and Easy Up models:

  • Present the product on a hanger.

For the Sling model:

  • Fold it so that the rings are clearly visible.
  • Hang it on a hanger at the top of a door to show the full length.

For the Easy Clip model:

  • Present the product flat or hanging on a hanger.

Step 3: Writing the comment

Write a detailed and honest description of your product. Include information such as the number of times you have worn it, washed it, in what conditions, etc. Be transparent about possible defects to avoid disputes or dissatisfaction.